The Prison Island concept

An adventure unlike any other in Northern Ireland!

Gather your friends, form a team and attempt to solve exciting challenges in our themed Prison Cells. We have 31 Cells that require a combination of Intellectual, Technical & Physical skills

Do you have what it takes?

You face multiple challenges​.

The goal in Prison Island is to collaborate as a team  and score as many points as possible in each cell

You play as a team

The Prison Island adventure is cooperative and you all enter the cells together to pass the test. The teams are composed of 3 to 4 participants.

Live Scoring 

The points system at Prison Island is fully automated. A live ranking system allows you to compare your team vs others.  

Not an Escape Game 

Our concept is unique in N.Ireland You are never locked in a Cell and can leave at any time. You are free to try any cell and have a choice of total game time. 

Can you escape?

Join us in Prison Island!

Book in with us to have a go at escaping Prison Island, whether going with mates, family or as part of a larger group book in with us to test your skills.