How many times can I play each game?

How many games can I play?

We currently have 25 different cells, each with a unique and exciting challenges. When you book with us you will have access to all of our cells until your paid game time ends.

Can more than 4 play in the same team?

Due to the nature of the rooms and challenges 4 is the maximum we can take in a team for the best experience. For bigger groups we will split you into 2 teams, adding an incredible element of competition.

How many players can I have

Prison Island Belfast can cater for up to 80 people at a time. You will be split into smaller teams of up to 4 players.

Do you need to be into sports to participate?

No – Prison Island is for everyone. As there are various skills (physical, tactical, technical), each member of a team will participate according to their desires and abilities. The idea is to work together as a team and decide together on the best way to complete the challenges. If some challenges are too physical for […]

What is the Objective of the game?

With your team, your objective is to obtain the highest score possible within your paid game time. If you are part of a larger group, you can compare the scores between you and award prizes if you wish. Otherwise you can compare your score vs others on the Leaderboard. Each team receives a printout of […]

Is Prison Island an escape room?

Not quite! Prison Island Is not like any Belfast Escape Room. We share some similarities with escape rooms but there’s a twist, instead of one room we have 25 different challenges cells. Think along the lines of lots of escape puzzle rooms with each challenge lasting less than 5 mins. You move freely in the […]